Larry R. Wintersteen, BA, MA, CMT

Founder - Board Member

Larry Wintersteen was born and raised in the State of Idaho. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in English / Communication, a Master’s Degree in Interpersonal Communication and Organizational psychology, and Ph.D. Studies in clinical counseling and Organizational Management. Larry has taught university for seven years, been in private counseling practice three years, and has worked two years as a Social Services consultant for the State of Oregon.In 1974, he founded Wintersteen & Associates LLC, a consulting firm, and entered into professional Healthcare Management Consulting and Human Resource Development. He has built an international reputation throughout the U.S. and Canada as a leading consultant, lecturer, author and trainer of dental, legal and medical professionals. Larry has been recognized in Dentistry Today as a leading consultant and speaker for 17 consecutive years.

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Larry Wintersteen Founder and board member

Trent Wintersteen

Senior Business Consultant

Trent has served in senior executive positions in marketing, business strategy, operations and sales for large fortune 100 companies like HP and a leading SaaS based software company focused on life sciences and healthcare markets. He is the founder of the company myPracticeResource providing dentists a transformative business consulting resource and SaaS based tool. He has a passion for bringing business, technology and healthcare best practices together to help drive better patient and business outcomes.

Trent sat on various advisory boards with service industry associations, startups, non-profits and SMBs. He specializes in helping businesses and practices identify ideal customers, drive profitable business growth, streamline marketing and business development efforts to maximize ROI, practice production and patient experience. He has received various awards for driving innovations in customer experience and business outcomes.

Trent has a CPD from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a Bachelor of Business Administration from Boise State University and Associates of Arts and Sciences from BYU - Idaho.

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Trent Wintersteen Sr Consultant

Kevin Nelson

Consultant – Speaker – Author – Trainer

If you are like most dentists your number one need in practice development is getting more new patients. But, after promoting and marketing dental practices from California to Quebec since 1983, Kevin asserts that bringing in a flood of new patients isn’t enough to guarantee practice success or doctor satisfaction. There is something more.

As a practice development and marketing consultant, coach, author, speaker and blog publisher Kevin’s message is that Marketing is a contact sport. It's about attracting patients you love to serve by sensing and serving their needs:

  • Patients that appreciate your services.
  • Patients whose needs match the kind of dental care you love to provide.
  • Patients who connect and stay.
  • Patients who become ambassadors for your practice.

Let Kevin cut through the marketing clutter so you can focus on the specific key marketing actions and attitudes that will get your message heard and acted upon. We’ll help you set up marketing systems based on the needs and goals for your practice that virtually run on autopilot with the support and engagement of your team.

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Kevin Nelson - Speaker, author and consultant

Ben R. Franz, BA, DDS

Clinical / Production Educator

Dr. Ben Franz loves dentistry and has prepared himself very well.  His credentials are:  (1) Bachelor of Arts,Biology -  Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH ,   (2) Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID - Masters program in Biology,  (3)  Howard University College of Dentistry,Washington, DC,   and AEGD Residency with the Hudson Valley VA hospitals, New York.  

Dr. Franz has owned several businesses – starting at age 14.    His entire family has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and this spirit has been a self motivator in  his education, employment, athletics and ultimately his Dental business and facility development – in Ketchum, ID.  While attending university he received his pilot’s license.  He has often said . . .“ I am a firm believer that when you work hard, you can also play hard.” He and his family love the outdoors and are avid skiers.   

He is a devoted father of 4, a kind husband, a successful dentist and inspiration in his community -  with his peers and his humanitarian/religious efforts.  You will love his energy – his vision and his dedication to service and excellence.  We encourage you to enjoy his mentorship and contagious outlook on life!  Check out his practice web site to learn more of his professional and personal achievements.

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Dr. Ben Franz, BA, DDS

Professional Services Network

There are many elements that make up a successful practice. Some of those elements include specialized services and knowledge. When you work with the Wintersteen Professional Services Network you are not only working with over 50 years of practice development experience in best practices for your success, you are also working with cutting edge service professionals specializing in specific areas of professional, business, marketing, financial, and human resource services. The Wintersteen Professional Services Network is a group of fee-for-service professionals we recommend for specific areas of expertise and forefront services. Each of these affiliated businesses bring highly specialized services based on your individual needs.

Whether you need help in bringing in a new associate, increasing new patient flow, selling your practice, unifying your team, creating a new website, or expanding your social network connections the Wintersteen Professional Services Network is your resource for success.

To connect with some of our network professionals, simply click on the icons below.

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Wintersteen Professional Services Network companies are independent service companies who are available to work individually with you.

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