Evaluate your practice


Your first step in creating the practice you want is a personalized, comprehensive Practice Evaluation.  During your evaluation we assess feedback from you, your team, and your patients in 6 key areas of practice success. It’s like a Checkup for your practice.

As we evaluate the potential in your practice we pay particular attention to the 6 Key Areas of Practice Success, including Leadership, Goals & Planning, Marketing, Team Engagement, Training, and Business Systems.

We accomplish this with you through:

  • Confidential Doctor and Staff Feedback.
  • Personal Patient Survey to measure satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Identifying clear, attainable Goals for your practice and your team.
  • Assessing your Business Systems for effectiveness, consistency, and accessibility.
  • Building a Personal Roadmap for your Practice Success
  • Custom designed Team Training to encourage aligned effort and create empowered teams.
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Educate and develop your team to win with your customers.


With ongoing training give you and your team the tools and skills training you need to open the doors for new patients and turn current patients into ambassadors for your practice.  We teach you:

  • Practice Success Skills for communicating with patients to encourage them to make wise dental health choices
  • To recognize Patient Needs and help turn those needs into Wants and Decisions
  • To identify the Key Patient Contact Points in your practice that encourage them to stay, pay, and refer
  • Efficient and effective Business Skills to encourage consistent business outcomes and positive cash flow
  • To develop each team member’s Personal Leadership Initiatives so they work with personal accountability
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills to assure harmonious and aligned working relationships for teams and patients
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Empower your team to make a difference in the lives of those you serve.


Through individual accountability, measurable standards, and effective systems we empower you and your team to make the decisions that make a difference in the success of your practice, in the culture of your team, and in the lives of those you serve.  We help you accomplish this through:

  • Personal Accountability, not just for each team member’s area of responsibility but for the success of the practice.
  • Understanding of the needs and personalities of your patients and how you can meet those needs.
  • Successful Business Systems that help assure the financial success of your practice and personal care for each patient
  • Enhanced Patient Communications systems and skills to retain patient loyalty
  • Learning and using the tools, systems, and practice vision to Succeed by Serving each patient and each other.
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Engage to enable practice success.


With mentored leadership development, measured outcomes, personal growth, and a passion for each patient’s experience your team can celebrate your practice success.  You learn to lead your office and team in planned action steps that build a healing environment for patients, presents a unified message to prospects, grows financially productive practices, develops personal growth in team members, and makes a difference in your community and in the lives of those you serve.  Together we accomplish this through:

  • Mentored Leadership Development so you become the leader your practice needs.
  • Attainable goals and Measured, Accounted, and Reported Outcomes.
  • Personal Passion for the success of your patients.
  • Personal Power of your team to increase day-to-day efficiencies and personal effectiveness in their work.
  • Celebrating the growth, personal improvement, and success of your practice.
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