Revitalize, Energize & Empower your Audience

Whether you’re looking to energize and empower a national convention, a state conference, or an organization meeting or seminar you and your organization will come away with an inspired vision, a renewed purpose, and targeted actions you can put to work Monday morning.

With an emphasis on the interpersonal side of healthcare success, The Wintersteen Team energize their audiences with targeted learning experiences. Experiences that are both relevant and practical in their application to practices seeking to not only achieve professional success but to make a difference as well.

As storytellers, consultants, and believers in the power of the human heart your members and team will be inspired to make a difference in your organization, your practice, your team, your patients and in your personal life.

Speaking Topics

  • “All Stressed Up and No Place to Go”

    Presentation for entire healthcare team.
    (Stress Management)
  • “Pardon Me, Your Face is Showing”

    Presentation for entire healthcare team. –
    (General Communication)
  • “The Business of Dentistry”

    Presentation for New Practitioners.
    (0 – 5 yrs in practice)
  • “Practice ‘SAFE’ Leadership”

    Presentation for healthcare professionals and their spouse. (Management styles, fears & skills)
  • “The Power of Team”

    Presentation for the entire healthcare team.
    (Personnel management & Team building)
  • “Are You Relevant to Your Clients?”

    A Hands-On Market Readiness Retreat to help you identify what sets you apart from any other practice.
  • “Create ‘the Totally Inside-Out, Patient-Built Practice’®”

    Create a steady stream of new patients every month without relying on advertising.
  • “This Would Be a Great Job … if it Weren’t for the People!”

    Understanding and utilizing individual personality styles to build your business while building your relationships.
  • “What Goes Around, Comes Around – A Step-by-Step way to turn patients into Ambassadors for You”

    Guarantee referral-attracting patient loyalty the 99.9% of the time your patients are NOT in your practice!
  • “A Point in Every Direction”

    Expand your services and increase new patients by focusing on what you really love.
  • “What does Excellence Smell Like?”

    How your clients can know you practice excellence without you ever having to say it?
  • “STOP Winking in the Dark!”

    “Invisible” marketing strategies for dentists who just want to do Dentistry.

What They’re Saying

If you’ve never had the chance to participate in a Wintersteen Network Seminar, listen to what our attendees have to say:

“Larry, I should have brought my staff. So much applied to what is happening or what should be happening in our office. I felt like he had been at the window peeking in our office. Perceptive!”

– Dentist

[Larry] is a good speaker and great story teller. Best part of the whole conference. Made me think & got our entire team thinking.”

– Dental Hygienist

“I loved his ideas on self mastery and practices being more individual. I wanted to listen and improve my personal and professional habits. It’s like he could read our minds.”

– Front Desk

“[Larry] added to my professional skills. His experiences with group practices gave me hope.”

– Group Manager

“I liked [Larry’s] presentation at the Las Vegas A.D.A. and consequently we have had him spend time in our group practice. Thanks.”

– Group Manager

“Kevin, you have found a way to … discover the true personality of my work and my professional identity…. There hasn’t been one referral who did not feel you exceeded their expectations. You certainly exceeded mine!”

– Debra Engelhardt-Nash

“Thank you very much for the workshop that I’m still super jazzed about. It was definitely worth the time and effort that was put into it.”

– Jerry Bank, Gorilla League

“Kevin was terrific … and fun — I would go again just to hear him.”

– Office Manager