Pardon Me, Your Face is Showing

When we get too comfortable, we are traditionally not teachable or flexible— which is unwise in a changing competitive world. Periodically, look at yourself in a mirror; review your practice, your team, your life and your effect on others. You cannot be all things to all people, nor can you please all people. But, you can do some perception checking to identify positive and negative trends. Of course be certain to dwell on the Positive.


A Team Builder Reminder

As far back as I can remember, I have been taught that ACTIONS & PEOPLE ARE THE NATURAL RESOURCE TO SUCCESS! Since 1974 I have been observing that this youth-taught principle certainly has application in the Dental Team. If the team really wants to be successful, then it is the responsibility of each team member to look carefully, kindly and thoroughly at themselves. Even though there is no “I” in the word TEAM . . . the first element of team is self mastery and self accountability. You can’t be a team player if you don’t take responsibility for your own actions, attitudes and personal self. In other words, if each team player assumes self mastery, then this circle of “ONES” will inspire and motivate the productive dreams of the entire team. One life touches another and then there is a circle of union, elevation and movement.


Embezzlement in the Dental Office

As a Practice Management consultant, since 1974, I am sad to say that I have witnessed an alarming increase of Dental Practice Embezzlement heart ache. It is the private stories, the affected lives, the periodic questions and the frequency that has prompted me to write this article.


Profit Killers in the Dental Office – Part 1

As a Dentist, you believe in Preventive Dentistry . . . why not Preventive Management. Just like a patient – your practice needs a periodic thorough examination – diagnosis and a TX plan(s).


One Can Make A Difference

When you read the title of this article, you may think I am going to be about Accounting. No – not at all. But, it is about ACCOUNTABILITY.


Leadership Makes A Difference

It is often said that a Dental Team is like a family. You spend a lot of time together. You experience joy, stress, and uncertainty together. Like families, Dental Teams are often challenged and comfort zones imposed upon.


How to Break Through Patient Sound Barriers

Dentistry is a part of health care in the United States; therefore, we can conclude that dentistry participates...