“I should have brought my staff. So much applied to what is happening or what should be happening in our office. I felt like he had been at the window peeking in our office. Perceptive!”

Workshop Participant, General Dentist

“We have shared the stage together … and I enjoy his entertaining and informative perspectives on professional marketing and human understanding.”

Larry Wintersteen, Speaker, Trainer, Dental Practice Management Consultant

“[Kevin] your information on ‘This Would Be A Great Job IF…’ was informative and helpful….We’ll just have to have you come again.”

Attendee, State Convention

You have found a way to .. discover the true personality of my work and my professional identity. … [T]here hasn’t been one referral who did not feel you exceeded their expectations. You certain exceeded mine!”

Debra Engelhardt-Nash, Speaker, Trainer, Dental Practice Management Consultant

“I liked [Larry’s] presentation at the Las Vegas A.D.A. and consequently we have had him spend time in our group practice. Thanks.”

Participant, Dental Group Manager

“Thank you very much for the workshop that I’m still super jazzed about. It was definitely worth the time and effort that was put into it.”

Jerry Bank, Private Practice

“[Larry is a] good speaker and great story teller. Best part of the whole conference. Made me think & got our entire team thinking.”

Conference Attendee, Dental Hygienist

“Kevin provides efficient yet quiet support in helping dentists define their practice goals and marketing needs, and then works with his clients to create a marketing vehicle to present the practice to the patients and community in a professional and up-to-date manner.”

Jennifer de St. Georges, Speaker, Dental Consultant

“He added to my professional skills. His experiences with group practices gave me hope.”

Dentist, Dental Group Manager

“Kevin was terrific … and fun — I would go again just to hear him.”

Attendee, Conference

“Kevin was terrific … and fun — I would go again just to hear him.”

Attendee, Conference

“[Kevin] was helpful in understanding the people I work with everyday.”

Attendee, Conference

“I loved his ideas on self mastery and practices being more individual. I wanted to listen and improve my personal and professional habits. It’s like he could read our minds.”

Participant, Seminar

“Very entertaining, energetic, interesting and informative.”

Attendee, Seminar

“This workshop provided a different slant on people [I work with] and their characteristics.”

Attendee, Seminar

“I’m looking forward to using what I learned today.”

Attendee, Seminar