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Larry Wintersteen, BA, MA, CMT, founded Wintersteen & Associates in 1974. He is highly motivated and committed to Excellence in Personal and Professional growth – through practice image, patient communication, team building and self actualization. He stresses the importance of self discipline, sensitivity, motivation, honesty, expansive thinking and balance. You may contact Mr. Wintersteen via email, at

Profit Killers in the Dental Office – Part 1

By Larry R. Wintersteen, BA, MA, CMT

As a Dentist, you believe in Preventive Dentistry . . . why not Preventive Management. Just like a patient – your practice needs a periodic thorough examination – diagnosis and a TX plan(s).

Since 1974, I have been involved with practice growth, stabilization and profitability. The common denominators of determining profitability have surfaced consistently – with time and trial. Consequently, it seems logical to identify the killers and the life givers of a Practice.

One of the biggest indicators of wealth for business owners is profit margin. As you develop written answers to the following questions, […]

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One Can Make A Difference

By Larry Wintersteen, BA, MA, CMT


What would happen if each drop
Of rain refused to fall,
Or every sunbeam ceased to shine
Because it was too small?

What would happen if each day
We chose to leave undone
An act of kindness just because
It was a little one?

– Esther F. Thomas

When you read the title of this article, you may think I am going to be about Accounting. No – not at all. But, it is about ACCOUNTABILITY.

As far back as I can remember, I have been taught that ACTIONS & PEOPLE ARE THE NATURAL […]

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Leadership Makes A Difference

By Larry Wintersteen, BA, MA, CMT

“All happy families resemble each other, while each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
– Tolstoy

It is often said that a Dental Team is like a family. You spend a lot of time together. You experience joy, stress, and uncertainty together. Like families, Dental Teams are often challenged and comfort zones imposed upon.

Since 1974 I have personally interviewed thousands of tenured and new personnel from various Dental offices. Some of them are comfortable with their professional setting while some are frustrated from the lack of direction and forward motion in […]

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Embezzlement in the Dental Office

By Larry Wintersteen, BA, MA, CMT
Published: Dental Practice Management – Canada

Traditionally I am not a negative person, nor do I want to focus on negative subjects. However, periodically it is smart to get in touch with reality. Please accept and realize that your Dental practice is not immune from the ugly possibility of Embezzlement. As a Practice Management consultant, since 1974, I am sad to say that I have witnessed an alarming increase of Dental Practice Embezzlement heart ache. It is the private stories, the affected lives, the periodic questions and the frequency that has prompted me to write this […]

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How to Break Through Patient Sound Barriers

By Larry Wintersteen, BA, MA, CMT
Published: Dental Economics

Although technological advances, growth, and specialization in health care delivery have led to great improvements in the treatment of disease and disability, they also have resulted in the impersonalization of health services.
– National Commission on Allied Health Education

Dentistry is a part of health care in the United States; therefore, we can conclude that dentistry participates in the indictment or impersonalization reference. The National Commission on Allied Health Education has simply confirmed what patients and communication consultants have been telling us for years.

Dental professionals must realize that dentistry is, first, a behavioral art first […]

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Pardon Me, Your Face is Showing

For some people it is easy to look in the mirror each day. They are comfortable with what they see and how those images affect their feelings. They know that the mirror reflects strengths as well as imperfections. They also know that the mirror can distort, cloud, or enhance the perceptions they may already have in their mind’s eye. Yet, they also know if they look into the mirror with another person, they can possibly discover new images—positive and negative.

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