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Every day you follow a simple process in serving your patients:
Dental checkup → Patient Education → Treatment plan → Treatment

We follow a similar process to help you create the practice you want.

During your practice evaluation we assess feedback from you, your team, and your patients in 6 key areas of practice success. It’s like a Checkup for your practice.

We give you and your team the vision, the tools, and the training you need to attract a flood of new patients and turn current patients into ambassadors for your practice.

Through individual accountability, measurable standards, and effective systems we empower your team to make a difference in the lives of those you serve.

With mentored leadership development, measured outcomes, personal growth, and a passion for each patient’s experience your team can celebrate your practice success.

6 Key Services for Your Practice Success
A step-by-step approach to creating your Possible Practice.

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“…a champion in the profession,[Larry’s] wisdom and experience will not only expand your business, it will also expand you as a person.”

— Dr. Cory Frogley